teeny-tiny goody-two-shoes

Since I was without internet access Sunday I was able to find time to finish the Tiny-Tiny Goody-Two-Shoes from the Meet Me at Mike's book I'd started a week ago.

The two pairs with the green tissue in them above were about to be wrapped and gifted to twins. The other pair were a practice run - still cute but one is slightly different in size to the other.

There are so many good projects in the
Meet Me at Mike's book I can't wait to try more.


Sophie said...

The shoes is so cute!

Anonymous said...

They look absolutely precious!

teddybearswednesday said...

They are soo sweet!!

Sara said...

I love these! I bought the book as an early christmas present for myself - i'm going to try to make one project a month this year.
I have my 3rd niece/nephew due in two weeks, I might try these. What are you going to make next?
Sewing, and getting much better at it, is on my list of things to conquer in 2010.

Tracy9 said...

I finished making the shopping bag keeper from Meet me at Mike's book. Got a bit lost along the way but the end result was cute and functional.