time away

We went back to my parents for Christmas. Dad worked Christmas morning. The grapevine property he works on also has a small fish farm (Murray Cod) unfortunately the new fish have a disease and not all are surviving. Not the nicest of Christmas mornings, unusual and quite interesting though I suppose.

Ther rest of our Christmas day was rather quite. There are no small kids in our families. It was just us, my parents, my two brothers and my grandparents, one of which is in a nursing home so it was nice for her to be able to join us for the day. Of course there are the usual dramas and Mum forgot about the ham until after we had all eaten! And as you can see from below there were the usual mismatched tables are chairs that are always part of our Christmas not matter who / where we seem to spend it!
Overall it was a lovely and relaxing day. There weren't many pics taken though so I don't have much to share.

There were walks by the river.
Not on Christmas day but in the days following.

A BBQ at my little brothers and more time with his new(ish) pup, Buddy. He is little but very strong and has LOTS of energy.

Starry night pic, taken quickly. It kind of looks like raindrops I think.

I hope you all had a lovely time over Christmas no matter what you got up to.


Sophie said...

Happy new year to you!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I love the mismatched chairs at family gatherings. It looks like you had a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas. I hope your Dad's fish get better soon. xxx


Phew, it looks hot! Hope you had a really lovely time with your family Evie...
Here's to a super duper 2010 - I've got a feeling it's going to be a big one for you! ;)

Deirdre said...

awww - your brothers dog looks JUST like mine. they are such characters :) happy new years!!

mildawg said...

I am in love with the last picture. Happy New Year!

Sara said...

thanks for sharing your christmas with us! I was too lazy/distracted to get the camera out this year, now I regret it a bit. Was a lovely time though.

Oh, and my lil sprouts are going really well, they're getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, so has the crocheted cover - i left the window open, it rained heavily and the water seems to have stretched the bamboo/cotton yarn. maybe the dryer will shrink it?!

merry christmas miss!