hello, brute

image from here
image from here

How cute is Danny? Oh and the Boy Germs tee. So sweet!

Both are brilliantly created by Portland based creative,
Jon Knox. Danny is 100% handmade (sadly sold out) and the tee is hand screenprinted with environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Check out more of Jon's, Hello, Brute brilliance over
here and the Hello, Brute blog is here too.


Kylie said...

Oh, they are FABULOUS!! Just love them... going to see if I can nab one of those Ts! Thank you! :) K

melbournegirl said...

they are great!

PottyMouthMama said...

So cool, and Danny reminds me of a Danny I know. Ace!

misako mimoko said...

love it! what a great link :)