I've spent the past two days attending the Semi-Permanent design conference here in Melbourne. The speakers were all really diverse and had such wonderful stories to tell. The highlight for me was husband and wife photography team, Jeremy and Claire Weiss (pictured above).

Claire told of their very early days when Jeremy worked in a skate store and Claire at age 16 would hang out in the store trying to get his attention. Jeremy would carry his photos around in a tattered box showing them to whoever would listen. With no real plan for their future they were all for the journey and living in the moment more than the desire of the final destination. One thing was for sure they followed their hearts and I'm sure most of the audience was left felling inspired to be doing the same.

Tara McPherson and Jeff Soto included sketches and progress work which I was really happy to see. Alex from Industrial Light and Magic shared nostalgic images from the companies early days, with a young Steven Spielberg and ET clay models making an appearance. Lifelounge, local boy Luke Lucas and his incredible type, styled in photoshop blew my mind on day one and Keith Schofield had us all chuckling along with his The BPA and Diesel work!

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Kylie said...

Wow! This sounds like a fabulously enriching day - glad you had fun :) K