super stylin' smalls

Even though I don't have kiddlets of my own I subscribe to LMNOP, a free online magazine with the most stylish kids I've seen. When I originally subscribed I thought, 'Oh this will be great present inspiration for those friends of mine who do have kids.'

Who was I kidding! I love this for myself, utterly adorable and full of the most fabulous finds. Plus it looks good, as a graphic designer I can be a bit of a sucker for a pretty page.

now available at lark. seriously I could have hours of fun with these.

beats the plastic street mat my brothers had!

see the gorilla! i love him.

all i can say, 'i want! i want!'

the above images are from LMNOP issue 8

Want more?

Another super cute online children's magazine I can't resist is Papier Mache a relatively new publication. I'm looking forward to issue two. Check out the Papier Mache blog for more utterly swoon worthy finds for the smalls!

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Kylie said...

Oh how fabulous! My kids are too old for cute now but I love these things for the styling and graphic design too! :) K