illustration of the sexes

The Smiley Family by Camelia Dorbin. Image from here.

Ever look at an image (for example) and think, 'Oh, I like that! I wonder what other work HE'S created.' Yes? No. Completely sexist? Maybe.

Well it's like when you speak to someone online or over the phone but haven't met them yet and you have a visual of what that person looks like. It comes from nowhere perhaps but it sticks with you and then you meet and BAM they are nothing at all like you imagined!

Sometimes it's a weird no match, other times close but no cigar and then sometime it is something better than your imagination could imagine and you are smiling on the inside (if not, the outside too but it might be a little awkward!).

Anywho. It may be completely wrong of me but when I saw a piece of illustration on Design is Kinky I pictured the creator as someone of the male gender variety o
nly to find out after a little investigation this marvelous work was in fact by the female gender variety! In your face handmaderomance. In your face. Check out more of Camelia's work over here.

Camelia's line work reminds me a little of Nate Trapnell's style which could have triggered the gender assumption...

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pixelhazard said...

Oh the work is so great and feels like it should be on a threadless T. I always make reference to driver's as being male and am confused when i go to peoples houses and their phones aren't where i imagened them to be while i'm on the phone with them.

The imagination is a strange beast