blast from the past

Apologies for the crinkles! The iron is not my friend.

My handy Hobbytex work circa early 1980's!

My mum recently gave this back to me.
It's a pillowcase sewn by mum and decorated by me. I remember it being a favourite. I didn't know it still existed so it was such a nice surprise. It looks a little different to how I remember. Check out those crazy red lips and eye lashes on Starlite and Rainbow Brite!

Each image was on either side of the pillowcase. The villain side. And the good side. I thought Lurky was cool because he always liked the pretty colours of Rainbow Land much to his master Murky's dismay. And Rainbow Brite was another favourite. Although, the only character I owned as a toy was Red's sidekick Romeo Sprite - he stole my heart!

I think the above images were made into transfers from a colouring book. Ah, the memories!


Bexy said...

too cute! Rainbow Brite, wow, loved her!

Christina Lowry said...

Me too! I wanted Rainbow Brite things one birthday but got Strawberry shortcake stuff in stead. I made do with a bunny stuffed toy that had a rainbow vest and just pretended! :)

Checks and Spots said...

What a trip down memory lane - love it!
Just wondering if you have the matching Care Bears set?!

tea with lucy said...

Oh sweet memories! Thanks for taking me way back. . .