happy planet - challenge 1

Having joined 1 Million Women back in June, I feel I need to step things up a little in addition to choices/actions I already make. So, I am challenging myself to do something different every fortnight that will help make a difference to our planet, no matter how large or small because I believe every bit counts.

To begin, this fortnight the challenge is not to use any disposal food and beverage items eg: napkins, coffee cups, cutlery, takeaway containers!

This challenge has been inspired by the super neat, keep cup I picked up on the weekend.

If you would like to join in or perhaps suggest a challenge for coming weeks I would love to know!


carly said...

the keep cup is ADORABLE.
totally adorable.

Noelia said...

I like the idea :D

Martta said...

Great challenge and the cup is the prettiest reusable cup I've ever seen! I have to admit that after a good start I got lazy again and go through a considerable pile of take away containers. I'll have to work on that. It's a good conversation starter to take your own.

I like the idea of using local produce when cooking.
Maybe as a challenge you could cook a meal using only ingredients that are grown nearby. What do you think?


Haven't been to the market before, but it sounds pretty exciting. Will definitely go and have a look next Saturday. They even mark the food miles on product labels.

Emjie said...

This is a noble idea. I would like to get involved too.

Gina said...

Oh yes. I got me 3 of those keep cups on the weekend too - couldn't resist the deal, and I thought I'd take them to my regular coffee haunt and put the hard sell on to see if they'll stock them :-) They're great.

pixelhazard said...

I'd get one but i've never seen it before, I have a travel mug which is suppose would work just was well but is nowhere near as cute

Chi Designs said...

I just stumbled on to your blog - it's super cute. :)

I've been seeing those Keep Cups all around recently - must pick one up!

muchlove said...

terrific idea! Good luck on your challenge.

Christie said...

What a great challenge. The other day I used my keep cup, but got a takeaway muffin too in a paper bag & I suddenly realised that that is the next step, no bag/napkin/cutlery. I need to step it up.

Your keepcup is very cute, love the pink.