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I'm days late posting about World Environment Day but I don't think it can hurt, it's never too late to support our plant! Right?! I did want to say, I think Hello Sandwich's post on the day was very motivating - she is one fabo lass indeed! Do check it out. I have since joined 1 Million Women and look forward to taking more steps in the right direction to saving our beautiful planet.
Image from Hello Sandwich

Ebony from Hello Sandwich is a finalist in the News Limited initiative 1degree which leads me to another wonderful lady I have been inspired by recently; Katiecrakernuts, who has also been doing her bit as a News Limited employer. And boy can she op shop for clothes like no other! If you want, check out her latests posts on the Op Shop Challenge, lots of great ideas and sound words on the way consumerism effects the environment.

Image from Katiecrackernuts

I have been trying to consume wisely, waste less, refashion and making my own clothes for over a year or so now and I would like to make more time for op shopping so I think I will take my own little Op Shop Challenge for the rest of this year! Should be fun. I will be sure to share any great finds with you.

FYI - If you are in Melbourne there is a great blog called, I op therefore I am, which has a link to a list of op shops by suburb.


angela said...

Thank you for directing me to Katiecrakernuts Op Shop Challenge!!

Have a lovely day today : )

sarahteaa said...

yeah i've been trying to create or change some of my own clothes but with school & all it can get a bit hectic, i'd love to see some of your creations!

katiecrackernuts said...

Yah. A whole year. You go girl. I am going to add up the carbon savings of my wardrobe this week and hope I can inspire others to take up a permanent commitment to cutting their trips to the mall - a carbon saving in itself. Tee hee.

Hello Sandwich said...

Thank you sweet little thing for posting about Hello Sandwich today! I'm so thrilled you have joined up to 1 Million Women! yay! xxx
Have a happy public holiday monday love!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich