lovely packaging

Lovely Packaging is one internet places I visit every-other-day, since I'm a graphic designer I figure its all in the name of research. Today while getting my usual dosage I noticed yesterdays post on Petrocoll who have the prettiest building supplies packaging ever, one would imagine. Designed by the clever folk at Mouse Graphics.

Considering building products have a main target audience of men and this packaging features quite dominantly women, I think it has been executed beautifully. It almost makes me feel like building something... anyone need a house? But then again is it possible blokey construction men may find this packaging too beautiful? I hope not but just a thought.

If you like packaging and product design you might like to follow the link from the above mention post over to
playmedesign who also feature some interesting design pieces. Another every-other-day place I like to visit full of packaging design is thedieline, well worth a visit.


Kirsty said...

Gorgeous packaging!

katiecrackernuts said...

I had a folder in which I collected clever business cards and mag designs ... got to be too unweildy a collection so I ditched it all and kept a few choice mags and books. Sigh, so much good stuff out there.

mel bomba said...

I love this to, the soft colours mix with the fat numbers.