Waiting patiently for August (Australian release date 6th Aug) to come so I can see this movie and stop stalking YouTube for exciting snippets. Although I think this is one of those movies when the behind-the-scenes and making of are more fascinating, to me anyway.
If your a knitter of any sort you have to watch this, miniature knitting for the movie, incredible!

More pics here a
nd trailer over here.

If you have seen this movie already I would love to know what you thought.
All images from IMDb


SewHum said...

ooooh. looks great!

bex said...

ive seen this film once allready and i have to say that in the year and a half that i have worked in a cinema this is BY FAR the best film i have seen. it is incredible. at first i was weary...i love the book (and anything else by neil gaimen). id heard they had added a new character and i was worried it wouldn't work...but everything goes together soo well. it is an absolute pleasure to watch...so much on every flick of the screen. the craftmanship is amasing!!

whoops...i sound a little like a maniac...sorry.

REread said...

lovely packaging pretty much does it for me :)

Daisy said...

I simply cant wait to see this!