sunday market

This morning I caught up with a few Brown Owls at the Camberwell Market, we chatted, drank coffee and went searching for a thing or two we just couldn't leave behind. It was a lovely way to start the day and the weather was surprisingly...not freezing! I somehow kind of lost everyone in crowd but keep catching the lovely Bron every so often who managed to seek some great finds but who also seemed to have lost the others. So with a silent 'catch ya later' to the lovely Owls I went on my merry way scoring a cosy, burnt red crocheted shawl to be worn as a scarf and a great, rusty brown duffel style coat!


Bronwyn said...

Hi Evie! Lovely to have met you too! Glad you found some treasure - I also have a very soft spot in my heart for duffle coats.

Kirsty said...

Lucky I didn't make it to the market this am! We'd have had a fight on our hands for the duffle! It looks gorgeous. Well done.