bootie call

Finally a finished pair (of matching sized) booties! They were a present for a friend's new baby boy, along with this little embroidered lion rattle I whipped up last weekend.

I tried something new with the embroidery which worked quite well. You see, on a couple of other embroidered pieces I'd had trouble with the washable pen marks, not completely washing out! The ink just seemed to move and dry somewhere else in the fabric. Disaster.

I've tried iron on transfers too but I tend to get a bit freestylie and don't always follow the lines. And my transfer pen once ironed on didn't wash out!

So, for this little guy I drew the design onto tracing paper (baking paper would work too or any paper really) and then pinned it down to the material I wanted to embroider, then doing so through the paper and material. Once finished you simply tear or snip (snipping is safer so you don't pull on any stitches) the paper away and voila! It worked a treat.


Bird Bath said...

how absolutely sweet...the booties and rattle. I'm sure they will become treasured keepsakes!
Thanks for the tip on transfering embroidery patterns...I've been wondering how to transfer childrens drawings and your method sounds perfect.

Maria said...

The booties and the lion are both so wonderful!! My friend is getting a baby real soon and I feel like making those booties, thank you so much for the link:)

Kirsty said...

These are gorgeous! You've done a great job.

I've got some of that magic disolving fabric that you embroider through & then rinse & it just vanishes. I'll post you some.

teddybearswednesday said...

I really love that Lion, and the boots too.

polly pratt said...

I`m totally in love with the lion, such a great idea.

Fine Little Day said...

The lion :)!