the art of failure

Hmm...I posted over here about my current obsession; to finish knitting my first project on double ended needles.

'Almost there!' I said.

Little did I know things weren't going quite to plan!! Hence two different sized booties in the above pic. I knitted a third, different again. Closer, but just too different to make a set.
It's hard keeping the same tension on any given day, don't you think?

I started fresh in a different colourway (I was bored working in the original colours) which got closer, but after completing the sole on the second bootie I realised I'd dropped a stitch and had to unpick the whole sole. There may be hope for this pair yet! I will attempt that little sole yet again.

I know I'm an amateur here and since this is my first time using double ended needles I won't beat myself up over my gazillion attempts to knit these darn little booties. I like a challenge. I like making new things that also require new skills. I refuse to give up and with any luck I will soon be posting about a matching size pair of booties. I will not let these crazy needles have their way with me! No. I will NOT fail this project. Ok, well perhaps I'll preserver for a little while longer and if I don't succeed that's ok too, I know I have tried my best.


M* (Melanie) said...

You deserve a big pat on the back. Well done for taking on such a difficult task and perservering! I am notorious for avoiding the use of any instructions. That means recipes, patterns and rules in general. The fact you have sat down and tried to knit booties with 3 double ended needles needs to be commended. I could never do it.

potty mouth mama said...

Hey girl, your knitting is super inspiring. I am just learning to knit, but am not tackling anything of any difficulty as yet, just a plain ol' scarf. I love your booties. Wonky or not!