vintage treasures

Last weekend I caught up with a good friend who lives in Bendigo (about 2 hours drive from Melbourne). It just so happened that she lives right near a market which is held every Sunday. Lucky for me this meant finding a wonderful vintage sewing pattern for a jacket style I had been looking for. It's the one on the left in the pic below. A simple, versatile style. Now to find some fabric to make it in!
The other vintage coat pattern, on the right, is one I bought from here last year thinking I would have it well and truly made in time for winter this year. Ha! Who was I kidding! My 'Things to Make' list is a little out of control and I haven't done any sewing for myself in ages. I may just have to lock in a sewing weekend in the not too distant future me thinks. But again I need to find some great fabric first!


katiecrackernuts said...

I have a shirt pattern on my passenger seat. I'm leaving it there for the moment. I just love looking at it. If it stays there too much longer, I'll have to name the chicks on the front and belt them in for their own safety.

handmade romance said...

hehe too funny katiecrackernuts!