help! I have an addiction

One of my new year resolutions was to stop buying countless numbers of magazines. For one, the majority of their pages would end up in landfill and two, I could go broke quite quickly if I kept it up. Plus I was barely finding the time to read them all, not to mention I'm lucky enough to work somewhere there is always a pretty good supply (although a little on the trashy side)! You see, I loose all sense when I walk into a store selling any number of great magazines, I can't help myself. I'm not sure if it's their freshly printed pages, endless eye candy or knowing how much I enjoy sitting down on a quiet night flicking and reading through their crisp yummy pages. Nothing beats the tactility of a printed page and lets face it I don't have the concentration span to finish epic novels.

Frankie was the only exemption from my resolution as I always read every page, that to me was good reason and I couldn't go cold turkey. The plan was not to buy any other magazines unless absolutely necessary. Whatever that meant. I don't really know when it is absolutely necessary to own any magazine. Anyhow things were going ok until this week. First there was my subscription to Peppermint and then all willpower went kaput when I entered a shop I had a voucher for
and they didn't have the book I had planned to buy!

So, instead of my usual Friday Five I thought I'd share links to the FIVE super great magazines I ended up walking out of the bookstore with!!

A Cloth Covered Button


katiecrackernuts said...

Hi, my name is katiecrackernuts and I have a magazine addiction. I have tried very hard to curb it, but there's so much damn good stuff out there on those pages.

Mc Cranky! said...

i am with you, i'm also in two minds on magazines, great to read for all types of reasons but also incredibly wasteful in turns of paper and turing them into rubbish. i think as long as you keep them and love them then thats okay, but then they could become a fire hazzard and a storage issue...ohh the conundrum.


raquel raney said...

i have the same problem. stacks and stacks consume my life.