giving and receiving

There has been some present giving......and some lovely surprise present receiving going on of late. I'm feeling very lucky as it's not even my birthday!You may recognize the wrapping on the left in the top pic, it was a poster in an issue of Frankie magazine done by the lovely Mandy of Belle and Boo fame. I have no where to hang these posters which are always adorable so I recycle them as wrapping paper. This one especially was too cute not to pass on!

And how fitting that Mandy also created the Meet Me at Mike's logo! Not however on the Meet Me at Mike's book featured in the bottom pic but I do believe it is on their blog. This delightful book, full of 26 crafty projects by some super talented people is so adorable, the contents page is too cute for words and it also features some very beautifully photography throughout. I can't wait to give these projects a go and
I can't stop flicking through it, every time I find something new to admire! There is even a recipe for Pink Lamingtons thrown in for good measure!!

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katiecrackernuts said...

It looks like post office central at your place. You know what they say, what you give out, you get back. Looks like you've been giving some good stuff out.