to bradley

This post is to my big brother, who suddenly became very ill a little over a week ago. We will miss you Brad while we are gone and will be thinking of you at all times.

To everyone...I will try and post while we are abroad and show you what wonderful sights we are seeing. However, if the chance doesn't arise I wish you all a lovely end to 2008 and I will be back more regularly in the new year.

And to everyone I owe and email or two, Im sorry priorities and time have drastically altered in the past weeks, I will be in touch when I can and have not forgotten you.


Danielle said...

I know I've said a bizillion times Evie, but have an awesome time. You guys have waited ages to do this so enjoy living your dream cause you deserve it! And Brad is in good hands with your mum around :)

Veja cecilia said...

Hope ypour brother will be better, and I wish u a really nice trip:)