the cast

 Hello I am Ringmaster Vladimir.
When I am not preforming as Ringmaster I enjoy training mice
in the art of acrobatics.
And eating warm blueberry pie. 

 Hello we are Maisie and Daisie. 
We have really different taste in music and movies 
but we both love strawberry flavoured milkshakes
and black cat lollies.

 Hello I am Esmeralda The Psychic.
I love thinking about the future but some days I find myself
dreaming of the past. Like when I was five and
I had a pet lizard named Spider.

 Hello I am Fire Breather Frederico.
When preforming I like to imagine I am in Antarctica.
This helps me stay cool plus I really like polar bears.

 Hello I am Dolores The Bearded Sheila.
To my surprise, one day while caring for my beard
I found the tiniest of blue eggs nesting inside. 

Blue happens to also be my most favourite colour.

 Hello I am Bruce The Monkey.
When I am not preforming I love to bake
banana muffins  for my friends.
I also enjoy catching butterflies.

 Hello I am Kimtortion.
Once I travelled all around the world - for free. 

I hid in a suitcase.

 Hello I am Spencer.
My twin sister, Caitlin is always getting me in trouble. She always starts it!
Even though she can be a pain sometime she is a pretty cool sister.

Hello I am Caitlin.
Did you know that I am one minute older than my brother Spencer?
This means I am smarter. Although sometimes he knows things
I don’t. Like, how to skim rocks.

Hello I am Egor The Amazing Strongman.
When I was younger I was the smallest kid in my class but no one believes me.
I love sailing the high seas and eating pickled onions.


Veja cecilia said...

love, love, love this!

kirstyhelen said...

freakin' awesome!

amy v / over&under said...

amazing! love all the characters' stories, Bruce & Vladimir have to be my faves but i'd be stoked to have all of these in my store window :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Evie!

Dawn Tan said...

Oh Evie! This is crazy. So much work and so beautiful! Are they for sale? I'm going to check it out this weekend along with Darren.. I told him about it last night and he said he wants to go see too. Hahha

PS: My favourite's Bruce and Frederico... SO COOL!

teddybearswednesday said...

gorgeous Evie,

Christina Lowry said...

Oh my! I want them all! But particularly the twins, of course. You are a creative genius! And all those little details. I really can't adequately express how wonderful I think these are!


ShazamBangles said...

A true artist.

Madeleine said...

No words Evie. No freakin' words for how AH-mazing this is! I'm on my way this week x

cathg1g2 said...


Miss Muggins said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.
You are an inspiration!

I've also love love loved the slow unveiling of all the circusy peeps.
I MUST go have sticky beak in the window @ Craft Vic.

Pop the champers & enjoy!
Hic Hic Hooray for Handmade ;-D
Sparkle Larkle

Victoria said...

They all look amazing - you should be oh so proud of yourself - not just for the idea, but the execution. I'll be by on Thursday to check them out!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Oh Evie, this is just so beautiful!

I wish I could come down to see it. It's gorgeous. xx

Kylie said...

LOVE THEM ALL! but I won't be greedy... can I add the Ringmaster and Maisie and Daisy to my order list please! :)) They are just fantasmagorical, Evie. I hope you keep these for yourself - they are just so special... but... Please please please say you'll be making some more? Kx

Laura said...

these are amazing!!

Kym Maxwell said...

Brilliant sweet as

Love the font and the details

Super well done.

Will try to take my kids for sure!!


keetee said...

I fall in love with them!!!!


Evie - this is seriously blowing my mind! So incredible. Every little detail is just brilliant...

Couldn't resist sharing it on Checks and Spots.

Bonjour Johanna said...

Congratulation for this Evie! It's so cute ! :D I would love to see them. Egor is my favorite one, "Hello Egor, you don't look bad."

And thank you for your comment about my work last week, I'm still so happy about the picture you took of my monster.

Have a nice day,


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Absolutely wonderful - I love them all Evie. I've just done a short post about them and one of your bow tie boys is in the latest issue of Babiekins as promised. Well done!

Jess Quinn said...

I just found your dolls on kickcan and conkers. They are really lovely.

misako mimoko said...

love your new creations Evie!!
amazing and lovely and great!! and fun!!

misako mimoko said...

and the set up and the pictures too!! :D

Catherine said...

they are all amazing! I tried to pick a favourite but can't... hopefully I will get in to see your window soon

mel bomba said...

so much detail

Michelle said...

Oh how totally amazing these gorgeous characters are!! Totally unique and original, LOVE!!!

mama bear said...

Be still my beating heart. Evie, there are only two words:

Talent and Rad.


Angela said...

Woowweeee!! I'm speechless, they are all absolutely amazing! I have to pop into Craft Vic to view your beautiful work.


astulabee/nicole said...

so wonderful!!!

Kate @ said...

These are simply the best. Go you! So jealous of your talents. :)

Anonymous said...

Amazingness... I absolutely adore them, especially the fire breather :)

py said...

so creative! wonderful work! congratulations :)

MaricorMaricar said...

Saw the write up on Lost At E Minor, wish we were in Melbourne to see it!

Julie Bourdais said...

they are so beautiful!!! amazing work!!!

Susana Meza said...

absolutely incredible, each of them has such strong personalities, and the styling for the shoot was wonderful, classic and beautiful