big hearted business, presented by clare bowditch

All images by Pip Lincolne. Read Pip's take on the conference here and see more of her fab pictures here. Thank you Pip!

This past weekend is one I will never forget. In a crazy, universe-magic kind of way I found out around 9am Saturday morning that I had the opportunity to attend the Big Hearted Business conference, presented by the super-incredible Clare Bowditch at the Abbortsford Convent here in Melbourne. Tears of ridiculous joy followed as I quickly gathered my shiet and got my butt to the venue as fast as I could legally drive.

Inspiring, practical wisdom and honest real experiences about life, creativity and business were shared by the incredible guest speakers (see the list here) and between new found friends alike. The sense of being amongst kindred-spirits was a powerful force and there was a trust and openness amongst the 200+ people in the room that couldn't be ignored. Along with the stories there were tears, laughter, singing (this song, in a church), crafter-nooning, delicious food, champers and more!

My brain is still bubbling away like a warm pot of nourishing, soul-soup. Having done a lot of work on my own personal growth over the past couple of years I feel like everything is beginning to align and the ingredients I need to live a fulfilled and happy life with meaning and purpose are becoming ridiculously clear. I have immense gratitude for this event, the experience, how I came to be a part of it and for everyone involved in making these two days what they were. 

Amongst my notes, which I am still deciphering are a few suggested reads mentioned throughout the weekend which you might be interested in too. Some I've read, others are now on my to-read list.

$100 Start Up, Chris Guillebeau

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown
The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge
The War of Art, Steven Pressfield
Zen Habits, Leo Babauta
Seth Godin
Choose Happiness, Stephanie Dowrick
The Artists Way, Julie Cameron
Start with Why, Simon Sinek

There was also a top 10 list for living an awesome life by the lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mike's, which according to my notes went something like this;

1. Health - take care of it
2. Solitude - make time for you
3. Prioritize creativity
4. Mindfulness - especially for friends and family
5. Write your story
6. Look for clues, that light you up!
7. Be proud of your achievements
8. Do things you don't know how to do - you might learn something new
9. Improve something every day
10. Look for happy moments

It's highly likely if you read my blog that you've at least once wondered if it's possible to do what you love, make money and save the world, well, that is exactly what Big Hearted Business is all about. Check-out their website for more if this sounds like your thing. And if you sign-up to their mailing list 'Inspiration Bombs' are promised to follow! We got a sneak peek at the first one and it looked awesome. [ Edit - first 'Inspiration Bomb' has landed, check it out here. ]



jen storer said...

it sounds absolutely awesome, Evie. It's having this gorgeous wavelike effect of positiveness (good sentence, huh?). I love it! xx

moose and bird said...

You lucky thing you! What an amazing opportunity that you so richly deserve x

Pippa said...

Still now my cheeks hurt! :)

Christina Lowry said...

Were we chatting about this I am sure you would detect the jealousy in my voice! So glad you had this opportunity though! It sounds fabulous. You are such a talent and I am sure you took a lot away from the day. Thanks for the lists. I have some homework to do! :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Evie, I won't say "lucky you!" because clearly your attendance was very well deserved! And from the generosity of your post -- including those wonderful words from Pip Lincolne as well as the reading list -- it just goes to show what a great spirit you are. Your energy and enthusiasm are palpable and I can't wait to see where you take all the things you have gleaned ! x

Art by Wiley said...

Sounds life altering. I've read so many wonderful things about this weekend. I can't even imagine the tingles experienced singing the Ship Song together! I like Pip's list. And I can vouch for Daring Greatly by Brene Brown which I'm just finishing up reading. I look forward to following your journey from here. It sounds like this weekend changed a few lives from what I've been reading!! x

Kelly Zarb said...

Wow Evie it would have been nice to have met face to face at BHB. After following your work for a while now, maybe another time? It was a game changing weekend for me too.