a month of... day 6

A month of... a drawing a day, continues. Day 6 resulted in the rediscovery of gouache. I was using it to do some lettering for another project the day before which flowed into play time. Gouache is a totally fun versatile medium and it dries matte. It's tots good! I see more gouache in the future. See, already one good thing to come from this project which makes me totally happy.
{ 6th February } gouache outline, digitally coloured

Shortly afterwards I sighting this beautiful still-life by photographer, Sara Morris via Pinterest. Good huh? I think it makes a delicious colour buddy to my image.


Pippa said...

Gorgeous, I love gouache too!

Kirsty Lee said...

Can I just say I love this and I'll be following along!

teddybearswednesday said...

You already know how much I love this one, but couldn't resist telling you again! How are you? xo