a month of... day 7

{ 7th February } gouache, digitally coloured

Yesterday's daily drawing... a weary office man. Struggling a bit to get to the end of the week. Or perhaps he just needs his morning coffee! 

Happy Friday guys! I hope your week has been a good one x


The Creature Workshop said...

Aww he's awesome, he looks like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation hehe. I'm enjoying all these artworks

Nanae Kawahara said...

Hello Evie!

I'm Nanae and I came into your blog by you put me in your circle on Etsy. Your works are super lovely, I've been attracted! I hope I'll get one of your stuffs. :)

Nanae X from Japan

Flotsam Friends said...

Yes, and a little sad. Maybe he's not in the job he thought he'd be in at his age. Chin up Mr.