a month of... day 16

{ 16th February } pencil, pen

Friday's lame attempt left me feeling not so great about this challenge yesterday however I knew quitting would make me feel worse. I thought about what I could adapt to keep my momentum going. After all this was supposed to be a fun month long challenge not a dreaded chore. My main block was coming from my rule that I had to sit down for at least 30 minutes and draw. Not only was I beginning to feel pressure about where I might fit this in to my day but I also felt myself focusing too much on time instead of the drawing. Rules are for breaking so from now on no more minimum amounts of time, just draw what feels good and for whatever amount of time feels good too. And with that thought yesterday's drawing was quick and fun!

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Melissa Gaggiano said...

Bow ties are in this year.
I have looked forward to seeing what new drawing you do each day. You make me want to draw more often.