a month of... day 15

{ 15th February } pencil

Friday sucked. It was late by the time I remembered I hadn't done my daily drawing. Feeling tired, hot (I'm over summer, hurry up Autumn!) and grumpy I certainly didn't feel like drawing. I also really didn't want to give up on this daily challenge so I sat down with some pencils and paper and tried my best. It was evident not much was going to happen but I continued for the minimum 30 minutes I'd set myself. Admittedly there were two screwed up and scribbled over attempts before this and I almost wasn't going to post anything but knew I'd feel pretty bad if I did that. So this is it. Some crazy scribbled kid, his cat and the mouse that got away!


teddybearswednesday said...

And I really love him!! xo

Drink More Tea said...

Funny Because I like this one!