happy 2013!

I know I'm a bit slow to return here on my blog given we are heading into the third week of the year but I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to begin.

In truth last year started with lots of hope and a feeling that positive changes were coming but as the year unraveled I felt more lost, tangled and unsure than before. I was made redundant from my day job of 6.5 years and I didn't realise until many months later how big a role it had played in my life. Other plans for 2012 fell through and changes hoped for didn't eventuate. Creative paths and opportunities taken that seemed expansive at the outset left me questioning my sense of self in ways I'd never owned up to. And at times I felt like a fraud, a failure and a fake. I craved stillness and quiet when everyone around me seemed to seek the opposite. I learnt a lot but as the year came to a close, I sighed with relief.

I wanted to reflect here on the year that was as I enjoy those posts from others but when I started reviewing my year, I felt deflated and thought perhaps I shouldn't. But I guess that is the point; to look back and find what we are grateful for.

So that is what I'll do.

January, slower times and bargain country op-shopping.

February receiving the best kind of mail — Nana mail!

March time for baking, which I love.

During April I crocheted for the first time in a while and celebrating 2 successful years since my brother's kidney transplant.

May, I was excited to see this tea towel collaboration with Craft Victoria hit the shelves.

June was for cheering on my husband following many months of hard work.

A long weekend in July spent in the beautiful town of Warburton.

I felt happy to be a part of Craft Cubed in August.

On Father's Day in September it was an honour walking for Kidney Health Australia.

October was offline.
We happily celebrated two years of marriage in November.

December was full of fabulous creative souls... and treasured times with family.

I now feel ready to welcome this year's journey with open arms.


Jodie said...

I felt my 2012 was a bit like yours...it just didn't live up to its promises (or my expectations) but there is a lot of good stuff and love in that roundup. I hope 2013 is a smash hit.

Emma said...

Your month by month looks memorable Evie, don't be so hard on yourself love!

There will always be ups and downs, they are both experiences to learn from, and I'm glad we got to be in a show together xxx

fine and sunny said...

I always find the start of a new year tricky, I much prefer the hustle and bustle of December! This year is going to be a big change for me, expecting a babe in March and my emotions are all over the place!! I hope 2013 treats you well Evie, you are lovely and you deserve good things.

Victoria said...

It's tough - I too was surprised at how hard being redundant was mid last year. I had a lead time of 6 months which was bad enough but having it sprung upon you would be even worse. Did you look into that link I sent you before Christmas....?

dropstitch said...

My 2012 was hard too, but you did better than me and managed to put together a positive round-up on your blog, at least! Hope there are more of the good times for you in 2013 :)

Pingos do Céu said...

A wonderful come back! Happy 2013 and congrats for excellent photos!

Lazy Animals said...

Happy 2013 Evie! I hope you find some answers this year, love your work, keep it up! Your shop looks great with the new photos!

Luna Landing said...

Thanks for your honesty. It can be hard to own up to feelings of insecurity in blog world but I think it makes us more real to do so. We all question ourselves. I hope 2013 redresses all those down sides to 2012 ...and some! have a great one :)

Drink More Tea said...

I too was gald to see 2012 behind me, I don't want to wish away my days but at the same time having that distance is comforting and a new year definitely feels like a whole new chapter!

The Creature Workshop said...

I can relate to you re:2012 so much. I left my job to follow my creative path, but I too felt pretty lost, and friends grew distant as they seemed to be doing amazing things and travelling. I slowed down and it was a pretty hard year for me.

But in December I met people, like you Evie. Special people, who I could relate to, who were a lot like me. I know we've only met briefly that once but I already like you a lot. You're a talented creative sweetie and without sounding too mushy, a kindred spirit. I'd love to hang out sometime in 2013, maybe I'll see you at another market, maybe we could do a craft thing. Until then, it's nice to read your blog again, and cheers to 2013.