I'm a big fan of Design Sponge and especially enjoy Friday's Before and After posts as well as the informative Biz Ladies column. Recently I began listening to Grace Boney from Design Sponge's, After The Jump audio series on Heritage Radio, which is great because unlike reading it frees the eyes to continue working while the ears listen. I'm keen to know if there are any audio / video resources that you enjoy listening to while you work? Do tell — After The Jump has finished for the year.

Images unrelated. Snippets from where I work.

> > > Thank you to the anonymous commenter for the WNYC's Radiolab podcasts tip-off. This is new to me and I'm loving it - especially enjoyed this Mel Blanc story. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! You've probably heard them already, but I find WNYC's Radiolab podcasts and TEDTalks make for some enjoyable (and often educational) listening!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the Radiolab podcasts! Good listening makes the hard work at Christmas time so much easier :)
Monica x