lana pelana

The above images are of a handmade necklace I treated myself with a little while ago. It was so lovingly packaged that I had to share it with you. I also want to introduce any of you not already acquainted with Marta's wonderful work to her blog and shop which go by the name Lana Pelana. Marta lives in Valencia, Spain and along with her illustrations and embroidered jewellery she also sews fantastic characters too, which I love. Check her out!

While on the topic of shopping and buying handmade I have been thinking a lot lately about how my thoughts and actions over the past few years have changed. I'm a much more thoughtful consumer now than I was in my teens and early 20's and while I was never a big shopper I did my share of mindless buying. 'Want' purchases rather than 'need' purchases. These days as I journey on a simpler, more conscious path I buy mostly on a need basis, but lets face it from time to time we all deserve a little treat. So when that time comes and as with all my purchases I now stick to at least one of the following categories; second-hand before new, locally owned and produced, handmade and quality over quantity. What about you, do you have any considerations before you buy or do you simply like it, buy it, no questions asked?


Lanapelana said...

Oh Evie, thank you very much!! I'm very happy, thanks for your sweet words :) I love the pictures!

About the shopping theme I think like you, I'm gonna try to all my christmas presents be handmade or buy directly to the artist and not mass produced articles.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is very lovely! This year is the first time I'm looking at going homemade for gifts. Not all of them are but there is more than usual. I had planned to make a lot of the gifts myself but got sent to the Philippines for a month so that messed up my crafting schedule ;) Love Notes Restyle Studio xx