pin it!

Those of you who use Pinterest know how addictive it can be. 'Just one more pin!'. We've all been there. The thing I love most about Pinterest is that it provides a singular place to capture inspiration and resources from online. Like me, if you work, play and create in different locations, on different platforms, it can be a real time saver. Unexpectedly I've also discovered looking over my 'pins' can lift my mood. Crazy? Maybe. However those 'pins' inspired, gave hope, motivated or delighted me long enough to take action and pin. They could simply be my favourite colour but a collection of positive visuals amounts to a powerful mood lifter. What do enjoy using Pinterest for?

Pin of the week! An evening dress from 1966, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, for ChloƩ. Image originally from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, via Victory on Pinterest.


Kylie Hunt said...

Gorgeous find Evie! I love pinning too... For me, it's a form of visual bookmarking. That's how I use it anyway. The problem is checking that the image links back to the original. The ones that descend into a Tumblr roundabout are so frustrating! I've started using this imager finder software ( to be able to find the source.. it's pretty cool! Can't remember how I find out about it now, but if it was from you, Evie, my apologies for bouncing it back at you! ;) Have a great weekend! Kx

Mirabel said...

yes yes! it's a wee pick-me-up for sure. A little world of everything I love can't help but make me feel happier!