one cat, parks and pigeons

The top image is of me on the weekend, I was taking the bottom image which I posted on Instagram at the time. Totally unaware I was being snapped. Cheeky! We've been exploring parks near where we live the past few weekends (cat in tow). Our rented home is being sold and we have to vacate during the open inspections. This has been one way we fill the time. It's uncertain yet if we'll have to move. A change might be needed but the thought of packing and unpacking is filled with dread!


Melissa G said...

This is a lovely garden feature. Such people friendly pidgeons, hey.
BTW... After talking about wanting to do it for so long, I just did it - I crafted a doll yesterday.

Mirabel said...

Oh there is something really great about that last photo! Maybe it's the purple pigeon plumage!

ShazamBangles said...

Cool shoes!!