Sorry for the white noise this week a very persistent cold/flu has zapped all my energy. I'm spending my weekend keeping cosy indoors, resting and recharging. I do hope you are feeling energized and are up to more exciting things. Do tell?

To kicking off again here is a collection of what's been getting me through.

Colourful warm socks. Socks pictured by Ayame available at Dagmar Rousett
Sighting happy dogs riding in cars. Check out this site for a quick fix.  
•  Fabulous friends! BFF necklace from here.  
•  Music — a must. Cat - Etta - S.L.K.  
•  The company of a furry friend. This Beneath The Sun pillow also caught my eye.  
•  Honey, lemon and ginger tea. In my favourite tea set of course!  
•  The Voice. Yes. I'm addicted.  
•  Eucalyptus, Aussie Drops. 
•  Soup. Soup and more soup!



Deirdre said...

That tea pot is GORGEOUS. How could anyone not feel better drinking out of that. Hope you are on the mend :)

TelePak said...

Those socks are so cuute! And that's too bad about the flu but i hope you're better now.