sunday snaps

L to R :: Lemon tea in my favourite teacup // Mork, a new addition to the family // Millie in her best statue pose on top of her scratching post // Getting ready for my first workshop, Think it! Draw it! Stitch it! this coming Thursday at Harvest Workroom

I love slow Sundays at home. There was also time for some crocheting, a diy mani, tunes, domestic duties and maybe a hot cross bun or two.

How did you spend your Sunday? 


mandarinux said...

We love sleeping late, have breakfast and catching sun in our balcony with Frida and Totó (our two cats).
Our city is very nice for long walks so whenever we can we surf the streets all day is nice to come back home and watch a movie...or maybe create something new...¿?

By the way, we love your blog :)

Melissa G said...

A slow Sunday - I haven't seen one of those in a couple of years.
The workshop sounds brilliant. Gosh! I wish I was a kid again.
I have to admit, for a while you have been inspiring me to get back into my own doll making. I have already begun doodling some ideas. I even asked my eldest to draw a doll that she would like me to make. Since it was her first design you can consider it to be abstract.

teddybearswednesday said...

I love slow Sundays too!I spent the first part of yesterday going to the market , and crafting on the couch. Then went early evening gig- which was really good xo

Sara said...

aw this looks like a well spent sunday evie! lovely. my partner had a rare sunday off so we hit the beach, early thanks to bubs and daylight savings, and pretty well just tried to relax all day. ahhhhhh breathe it all in, love it all out...!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Oh dear. I really miss that lazy type of Sunday. Our Sundays are fairly noisy and choatic and although I miss a quite Sunday, I really wouldn't have them any other way. Congratulations also on your first workshop. You're always doin gsomething so amazing. It's wonderful. xx