stuck on you

It was love at first site when I spotted Mr Moustache, the magnent over at Pinkrain. He has been with us for a few weeks now and seems to be fitting right in.

Mr Moustache's journey from Italy to Australia was lovingly accompanied with the sweetest stickers, hand drawn bag and wrappings!


Melissa G said...

Oh! This is a cute little bundle. Lucky you.

Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

wow! Evie I'm sooooo happy you like MR Moustache! <3
I love your works too!
thanks thanks thanks
I'm going to share your lovely blog on my fanpage :)


Kosmika said...

Great!! I love her work and that pouch is pure awesomeness! :D
Congrats for your new purchase ;)

Teresa said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love your shop! Adding it to my bookmarks. I have a few friends that look just like those bearded blokes!

sofia said...

lovely little mister!