sunday find

all images from here, the bottom image credited to catherine ashmore 

The above newspaper covered, large puppets were made for the stage production, Satyagraha — a story based on Gandhi's earlier years in South Africa. The set and puppet designs are by, Julian Crouch who is wearing the 'heads-in-progress' in the top two images. Crouch's website includes images of sketches, works-in-progress, through to the final stage performances. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through them today (taking my mind of this heat for a moment) and thought it would be nice to share with you. 

What has the weather been like were you are?

I'm dreaming of the forecast cool change! I just wish it would hurry it's cool self up a little.


Lightning Heart said...

those puppets are incredible!

ugh i'm hearing you about this heat, i'm so over itttt. also not keen on what my next electricity bill will be like after having my air con on all the time :S

teddybearswednesday said...

WOW those puppets are amazing. i love the look and texture the newspaper creates.
I'm with you on the heat, today i am just feeling totally over it. THough I do have to say I find it most hard in the mornings which seem to heat up really quickly,