mouse trip

You guys would no doubt be familiar with going on an interweb adventure, right? I know I am. I love a super good adventure!

A recent example for me started by reading this wonderful interview with Christian Wagstaff on The Design Files. I had seen evidence of Christian's work before but had not know who was behind it. S
o happy to have found out.
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From the interview I traveled over to Christian's Facebook page. What a gem this photo is of Cecil Beaton and David Hackney, dating back to 1969 by artist, Peter Schlesinger. I can't take my eyes off these two!
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Then I spotted an album on Patrick Dougherty. I thought Patrick's name was familiar but couldn't place it — nothing a little Google wouldn't fix. That's right! I had seen his work before and in the best way, it reminded me of Grug. Love! I also think one could be forgiven for thinking Patrick played a part in the wondrous Where the Wild Things Are, fort. But. No. He may have been an influence perhaps however K.K. Barrett was their creator. You can read and watch more about Barret on that particular project here and here.
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Detouring back to the original gateway — TDF — I entered the site of Diana Vreeland. I liked her quote which Christian had mentioned in his interview, "There’s nothing wrong with bad taste; it’s no taste I abhor”. I also found another quote I quite liked, "I believe you see, in the dream. I think we only live through our dreams and our imagination. That's the only reality we really ever know.
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And with that, my journey continues... while discovering K.K. Barrett, Geoff McFetridge hit my radar! But for now I'm putting on the brakes.


Kylie said...

What a feast! How fabulous - thank you Evie... I've loved this :) Kx

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

That's a wonderful adventure!! You always find the greatest things. Thank you for sharing them with us. xx