whatcha doin?

Ok this is it. The last 'whatcha doin?' post. Christmas is finally friggin' here!

Learning you are never to old to be a fashion icon — loving this co-lab between Iris Apfel and MAC.
Reading how to mix the liquid fertiliser I bought for our plants — fingers crossed I don't kill anything
Making greeting cards — including a b'day, congratulation, farewell and a Christmas card or two
Watching BONES. Yes it's sad I know but I can't help it, BONES is Sunday night veg-out TV. My husband hates it!
to some old school Beastie Boys. It never really seems old though does it?!
Eating yummy Simon Johnson, Christmas cake from the bosses lovely mum
Drinking as suspected last Friday, the work Christmas party saw far too much of a good thing was consumed
Wishing every one of you — my gorgeous readers — a very Merry Christmas!!!


angela said...

Merry Christmas to you - gorgeous blogger! xx

Kylie said...

Merry happy things Evie! Hope you have a fabulous holiday :) Kx