three wise owls

These three doily, bellied owls are the wonderful work of the Doris Anne shop owner on Etsy. I am hoping the owners name is also Doris Anne - such a great name! Doris Anne mostly stocks beautiful feathered earrings however it was these three characters that caught my eye the most! Each one made from hand drawn pieces to ensure their uniqueness.

PS: Today is your last day to see the window


Shilo Shiv Suleman said...

Hellooo! :) just found this blog allll the way from India and absolutely love it :) Thank you for sharing so much inspiration. And I completely love your own work as well :)
I'm an illustrator too and it's always nice to bounce into spaces of inspiration.

Betty Jo said...

Love the doily tummies!

Doris Anne said...

Thank you SOO much for the feature my dear! <3
I love your blog.