I can't get enough of these.  

Miju Lee's, Grandparents found via Duduá Duduá.

And to my nana who had a nasty fall two weeks ago and underwent surgery this week, I wish you a pain-free and speedy recovery. I know she won't be reading this but I'm just putting the love out there.



Alita said...

lovely pictures ,
i follow your blog, i love it

hugs from Chile

you can visit my blog if you want to

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Sorry to hear about your Nana, best wishes and I love those little ceramics.

Kylie said...

Oh these are gorgeous! Hope your nana feels better soon :) Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

Me neither! they are just wonderful !! thanks Evie xo

Melissa G said...

Best wishes to your Nana.

These statues are simply sweet as.

schorlemädchen said...

oh they are too good to be wonderful