This was taken on the train leaving Hungry for Vienna, Austria. The houses in the country side were so sweet and from the train looked like little dolls houses.

The view from where we were staying.

Pretty walkways.
The Kunst Haus Wien. We just missed the beginning of the René Burri exhibition which looks amazing but had a good look at the The Museum Hundertwasser. Friedensreich Hundertwasser was truely a fascinating man. I loved his approach to the world around him and the need to reconcile humans with nature.

 The home of Edward Sissorhands! (Ha gags, sorry.) More like Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, home of the famous Gustav Klimt, The Kiss.

Oh it was all too magical! We we pretty excited to see Christmas Markets everywhere when we arrived in Vienna. This is one of the things I like most about traveling to Europe at this time of the year. All the markets and decorations around the cities make it really feel like Christmas so much more than here in Australia and the atmosphere is amazing. Not to mention mulled wine or in my case mostly hot chocolate. I find wine too sweet when heated. I doubt we could have so many lights here though as it is the hottest time of the year. There is something about the cold weather at this time in Europe and the knowledge of snow on the way that is quite romantic as an Australian. Don't you think?

This is St. Stephen's Cathedral which stands amongst newer buildings in Stephansplatz at the center of Vienna. The detail in this gothic style building, especially on the roof is amazing. I love the contrasts of new and old in Europe. The old is SO much older than here in Australia and alway so breathtaking as it's nothing like what we see here.


Sophie Isobel said...

Thank you so much for sharing you photos, its like travelling the world without need to leave the house. Just beautiful. I would love to live in one of those sweet little country side houses.
Sophie x

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

very romantic!
makes me want to travel, really badly!!
vienna is my fav city in the world for art ~ heaven {haven't been to many cities tho}.
love your pics :)

Emjie said...

Wow! The lighting in Vienna really puts our St Kilda tree lights to shame.

Lanapelana said...

Hola! Thanks for stopping by in my blog, and for your nice comments! :D I think your work is awesome and funny!!
I also love Hundertwasser!
Greetings, Marta :)

Kylie said...

I totally agree! When we were in Barcelona last xmas it was so atmospheric, we were all so excited :) It's wonderful looking through these photos - we were last in Budapest and Vienna when I pregnant with my big girl (whoops, that's over 14 years ago now, of course)... in fact the first time she kicked was in Budapest :) Thanks again - these are just magic! Kx