From Vienna we caught the train to Prague. 

Prague was the main destination on this trip and where we spent the majority of our time. It was also the place we took off our last trip overseas when we became engaged so we saw it quite fitting that we would return this time after getting married. And it did not disappoint, exceeding every expectation!  

Prague Castle in the distance on the right.

One of the first sites we checked out was Prague Castle. Said to be the largest Castle in the world - it must be, I'm sure we spent the majority of a day there and didn't see everything! The mix of style over the centuries is unusual and beautiful. There was so much to look at.

Looking down a road we had walked up to get to the castle.

This puppet store is just before you reach the final leg of the walk to the castle. The doors had ropes attached which moved parts of the faces. Very cool! And he photo below is looking opposite the puppet store.

Views from the castle grounds.

This amazing gothic style church stands in the middle of the castle and as the sun was going down the light beautifully lit up all the facade.

Oh Prague you are a fairytale!


SewHum said...

beautiful city!

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Off The Peg said...

I think I have just gasped at every single one of your photos. Prague looks so very beautiful!