Our first day in Berlin snowed. It was so beautiful and freezing. This actually turned out to be the only day it snowed however the next couple of days cooled down dramatically. I think we left the night before the first big snow fall. If this was just me traveling I would probably have no photos to show you as I barely take my hands from my pockets even when they have warm gloves on! We walked along the remaining section of the Berlin Wall and took in all the current murals painted along it's length.

There was so much to explore by foot in Berlin we could have walked for days but we only had three. This is some of what we saw.
 Beer and food was mandatory by the end of the day! 



oh my! i'm seriously jealous of this trip of yours! i have always wanted to go to berlin...and seeing these shots makes me want to go even more!

Kylie said...

OH WOW! These are excellent - the Mr is to be congratulated I say :) We've always wanted to go to Berlin... must show these to my Mr. Kx

p.s. glad you still have your fingers :)