wrist worms

The day before our wedding a pretty, little package arrived in the post which I'd forgotten all about (I love it when that happens, then it really feels like a gift in the mail). Perfect timing since this 'gift' was a pair of Wrist Worms made by Sandra to take on our honeymoon. 
Proof I wore them that is until it got too cold for this Aussie kid and I had to wear full finger gloves instead. Even in this pic it was starting to get too cold for me, with hands out of my pockets while eating street meat the one free hand is placed under my giant coat collar!

It's crazy to think that a little over one week ago I was in a place that was -1 degrees, now back at home it is 30 degrees warmer a little shock to the system but not as much as the difference in daylight hours. Here in Melbourne at this time of year it gets dark around 8:30pm, roughly 4 more hours of daylight than while we were away. I'm slowly readjusting!