sightings from afar

While we were away on our honeymoon the lovely and ever generous Pip, from Meet Me at Mike's was putting together a little surprise over on Michi Girl where she featured one of my Profile Peeps brooches. Thanks so much Pip! You are awesome as always.

Speaking of Michi, the new Michi Girl sight was launched too which is looking fab. And the new Michi Girl book - on the wish list along with so many other lovely books at the moment. Michi Girl sure has been busy, did you see she is also the Guest Blogger over on The Design Files this week?! 

On our return from our honeymoon and while I was catching up on blogs and emails I came across another lovely surprise. This time it was from Craft Victoria. One of my Bow Tie Boys is standing amongst amazing company in the Craft Victoria Christmas Catalogue. Lucky boy! Thanks Craft Victoria!

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teddybearswednesday said...

How wonderful Evie!!! though I'm not surpised about Bowtie boy!!xo