wedding wrap-up : part III

I love all the DIY that went in to this wedding. So special! Images via Once Wed.

A wedding with quirky photos. I love the backdrop to the group photo above but they also got married under a giant, orange, cowboy hat! I kid you not. And the reception was in an old brewery - more great photos. Plus there was plenty of DIY style going on. Photos by One Love Photo found via 100 Layer Cake.

A bride in blue with beautiful red lips and purple dyed shoes! I love a bride in colour. These guys had two celebrations. Outfits for both were amazing! Found via Little Winter Bride.

Another wedding found via Little Winter Bride and this could possibly be one of the cutest brides! Wearing a vintage beaded dress and sweet vintage hair style, the bride is none other than Nadia Izruna for Nadinoo. You know, the pretty London based clothing label, all handmade and filled with Liberty of London prints.

Last but not least on this little wrap-up is the most amazing wedding filled to the brim with handmade goodness. Hand painted banners done by guests, the bride's dress made from her mum's wedding dress and those incredible giant flowers! Oh my! I know these photos have been featured on a lot of blogs of late but I just couldn't resist including it here. I came across them via Thoughtful Day however more can be seen over here or on the bride's wonderful blog.



size too small said...

what sweet weddings. i love all the details.

Luna said...

Fantastic - regular wedding photos have never inspired much in me but these are totally different- lovely!. Great finds!

jodi said...

hi lovely, evie,

can i feature your wedding in the magazine i write for?

The 50th edition will be featuring 'weddings with a twist' and i know yours will fit the bill.

email me and i'll give you more details.

enjoy the preperation journey x

Kylie said...

So much loveliness :) That last couple got married on my birthday!... actually, if they're American it's probably the third of Sept, isn't it? ;) Oh well, i still love the idea :)) Kx

B. Inspired. said...

Wow! What a great wedding.. I am very inspired! Thanks for sharing;)

mel bomba said...

i love the banner, such a sweet photo