nathalie choux

all images from here

These sweet little creations reminded me of Nara Yoshimoto's little girls, however not so sinister looking, they are by Nathalie Choux. I came across Nathalie's work via Lili Scratchy who always has the most wonderful blog roll list - a place to get lost in - if you have enough (a lot of) time! Lili Scratchy and Nathalie also have a collaborative blog over here full of their ceramic creations. So clever!


Luna said...

Oh I love her work and these are divine. So sweet with that little tea set. Nice find!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I love them too!! SO sweet!
thank you for sharing xo

Hannah said...

your blog is so lovely! Best of luck for the wedding! I cannot wait to see the personal touches you ad to it! x