back in action

YAY! I'm back. Well our home internet is - finally

I must admit it has been kind of nice to have an unintended break from blogging. Even though I have missed you guys life has been pretty hectic too so I guess in a way having one less thing to fit in to my day has not been too hard to miss. Because lets face it, when blogging there are SO many wonderful blogs to read and I for one am constantly having to tell myself, this is the last blog I'm looking at for now, and before I know it I've clicked through to more links with more exciting things to read and see!! You can't tell me you don't fall victim to this too?! 

Anywho, while I've been missing from these parts lots of things have been happening such as, finishing our DIY wedding invites, getting them printed and posted (we even made envelopes - crazy, I know - lucky it's a small wedding!), trialed a potential wedding cake, travelled over 500km to go to a wedding on the beautiful banks of the Murray River, picked up our favours (still to be personalised) and I have also been busy making custom orders of Bearded Blokes and almost finishing an order of Bow Tie Boys! I'm sure there is more. It feels like. Anyway, it's been busy.

And now that I am back I've been wanting to follow on from the Frankie post below with a little something I spotted in its pages however I couldn't seem to track down a creator or stockist details. It's this sweet, white porcelain looking kitty bangle. How awesome?! If anyone knows more about it I'd love to know too...please.


moose and bird said...

Welcome Back! I've missed reading your lovely posts but I'm so glad you have been able to get lots done without having to worry about blogging. Can't wait to see pictures of your DIY wedding. Sorry I can't help with the kitty bangle, but I must say I was quite intrigued by it when I saw it too. x

teddybearswednesday said...

SO good to have you back, Evie, I missed you.
Excited to hear about your order and more Bow Tie Boys, the world needs them I feel.

Anonymous said...

i did the same search & guessed it was the stylists own.
nice to hear you're busy creating!


welcome back! i missed you

{ I V Y } said...

wow. so amazing!