annie awesomeness

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Not much to say really. This shit is rad. Where can I get me a knitting machine?


kitty said...

Ooh, those tights! How lovely.
I've got me a knitting machine, but I'm yet to work out how to use it. I think I need to make friends with Pene Durston (cottage industry), she's down with that sort of thing methinks.
I found mine at a country oppy. They often come up on ebay too.
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Have a wonderful & hopefully sunny weekend. x

L said...

oh my gosh i love everything! especially the tights too. the photos are so cute.

mel bomba said...

another great find, how do you do it?

we so need to use the word rad more often.

Madeleine said...

Love the bag SO much!

As for markets, I've only done a's a great chance to meet other like minded folks but can be incredibly nerve-wracking and if you're shy like I am (I so hide behind my blog!) you can feel very exposed. On the other hand though, I love going to markets and seeing what people are up to and being able to say 'your stuff is awesome!' face to face.
You will be great Evie. I hope to make it there!