on my desk last weekend. the sun was out again today.

I have been lucky enough to be tagged and awarded by some very lovely ladies. Thank you Cecilia (Veja Cecilia), Melinda (Moose & Bird) and Jess (Teddy Bear's Wednesday), I know these were from forever-ago and I promise I have had very good intentions to play along so better late than never right?!

Since two of these were to reveal seven things about myself and I have done
similar posts before I thought it might be nice to do something a little different, as part of the Sunshine Award from Melinda I get to
nominate 12 blogs that inspire and brighten my day. Here goes!

1. Inspired By This
A Practical Wedding
East Side Bride
Snippet and Ink
100 Layer Cake
Polka Dot Bride
Once Wed
Rock N Roll Bride
The Ritzy Bee Blog
Green Wedding Shoes

Noticed a theme did you? Ooops. Is that cheating? I hope not.

Seriously though at this moment in my life these blogs are inspiring and brightening my day. Some for their eye-candy (of which there is LOTS), the stories of love, good and bad wedding planning experiences, tips, advice and most importantly keeping true to yourself through the whole process.

In all honesty I was struggling to pick 12 non-wedding blogs, not for the lack of choice more over who to choose, who was getting left out. So instead, for fun and for those who may need a wedding blog or 12 in your day right now the list above is also for you!



one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I LOVE wedding blogs. We have been married for nearly eight years and I still love looking at different wedding ideas. I hope your plans are going well and that we will see some more sneak peaks soon. xxx

Busy Bird said...

and here's another one to add to the list!


Brit said...

More wedding blogs, jeej! The only one I check frequently is the "once wed" one. I absolutely love this (http://www.oncewed.com/24375/real-weddings/rustic/brown/laura-ryan-2/) wedding. Rain, boots, gorgeous wedding dress... So lovely!

Another blog I like is http://www.maxwangerblog.com/. Wedding/engagement pictures!

Veja cecilia said...

haha, it´s just: go with the flow and enjoy the fact that you are getting married:)