smile! you're on crochet camera

I came across these super crocheted images on the
lovely textiles blog, who found single crochet's work via ID textiles, which, is a fantastic blog I had not heard of before. Yipee! I love a good newbie.


I know. Its hard to keep up and keep track at times isn't it? There is so much bloggy goodness out there to discover.

Want more? Well, single crochet has a beautiful
blog too.

Enjoy your Friday!


Christina said...

That's fantastic! I love modern takes on traditional crafts. Thanks for the links. :)

Kylie said...

I love this! It's just fabulous... and yes, you're right about the excess of so many really good blogs. It makes following very difficult... but so lovely, how can we not? ;) K

Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

so rad. I love when things you consider out dated (crocheting for eg.) are surprisingly fresh.

ps I hate the word 'fresh' but I couldn't think of a better one.

vidademonstruo said...

...pero que bonita!!!!!

Seija said...

The camera is such a lovely idea!
Enjoying your pages...a lone surfer from Finland.