art, baguettes and a hail storm

Our day started out picking up some parcels at the post office, books I will have to show you in another post. We then decided to spend the day in the city having a look around ACMI at Screen Worlds and the Mary and Max (by Adam Elliot) exhibitions.

images from here and here

Both were amazing (and free), I think we spent at least a couple of hours in at Screen Worlds alone.

Feeling peckish, afterwards, we headed to our fav little spot in the city to grab a baguette and continued walking in the lovely sunshine toward the Arts Center. We were on our way to check out the Ron Mueck exhibition at NGV.

We sat in the shade to eat lunch as it was so sunny and joked about my comments before leaving home - how we were forecast rain today and it's always cooler in the city so make sure you're warm enough! (Yes. I'm a nanna!)

image from here

Little did we know that within minutes of exiting the Ron Mueck exhibition (which was AMAZING!) we would be hit by this....

federation square was covered in a speckled carpet of white

we made a run for it closer to acmi and under more shelter

Sure it looked dark and as if we were about to cop the heaviest down-poor but it was humid. Too humid for hail... one would think. Oh how we were wrong!

the only camera we had was a mobile phone so apologies for the low quality but i still think you get the idea

I hope all of you in Melbourne are safe and dry and didn't get hurt by any of the crazy weather we have been hit with today.



Katyha said...

I heard that the hail stones were quite big. It was nice you still had a lovely time.

muchlove said...

yikes, luckily I had already left the city when the hail struck! It looks crazy!!

I just found out about the Mary and Max exhibition, and I simply MUST check it out. I loved that movie and I love clay-mation so much. Glad to hear it was amazing!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh dear, I hope it didn't dampen ( bad choice of words) you outing too much. I am soo keen to see the Ron Mueck and the Mary and Max ( I so love that film)
hope your warm and dry now!x