something for him

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Deadwood inspired, hand crafted tie-pins from Melbourne designer Amy Gopperth's label Frances Rose Is. The
Frances Rose Is Etsy profile reads, 'Old West meets the dandy in a modern world'. Me like!

More here and here.


Ellie said...

I especially like the dagger.

Lucy said...

Heeeey Evie! Thanks for your sweet comments over on my blog! :) You are too lovely. And you have an eagle eye spotting my bling ring!!

But alas I have to disappoint you! It is actually from my Dad, not my fella! heee! But it is a beautiful ring.. and for some reason it only feels comfortable on that particular finger (resulting in constant confusion!)

Hope you are well! How crazy is the weather today? Agh! xx


love it!

Kylie said...

So fab. Love them :) K